Hi, could you tell us a bit about yourself and what do you do these days? How did things go after graduation?

My name is Aarushi Sharma, I came to the Czech Republic from Cairo, Egypt to study General Medicine in 2012. I am currently working as a doctor at Vseobecna Fakultni Nemocnice (1LF) Prague and specializing in Internal Medicine. 

Before that, I was working at a regional hospital in Mlada Boleslav, a small town just outside of Prague. I had applied for this job right after graduation and was easily accepted as they were in need to doctors at the time. The only requirement was to pass the Czech language exam with the Ministry of Health. After gaining some experience and improving my Czech I was able to apply at a faculty hospital, which was my aim all along.

Happy to hear that. What first comes to mind when you hear „LFHK“?

When I hear “LFHK” it brings back fond memories of the city, good times with friends and endless hours spent at EC/med library studying for finals 😄 It is where I have undeniably had the best time of my life – I have partied at clubs in the city which I’m pretty sure have now closed down, I have cried tears of joy when I finished my last state exam and I have had the chance to learn from some of the best doctors in the country to become the doctor I am today.

What would you say is your strongest experience associated with studying at the faculty? Good or bad, something you remember distinctly.

My strongest experience studying at LFHK would have to be physically examining a patient for the first time ever in 3rd year. It was the moment I realized how this truly was my calling and I haven’t looked back since. 

That sounds like solid ground for your current and future work, that’s great. What do you consider your greatest success so far?

I think my greatest achievement would be mastering a foreign language (a VERY difficult one!) and singlehandedly securing a job at one of the best teaching hospitals in Central Europe. I am extremely proud of the fact that with no connections in the medical field, I have come this far purely based on my own resilience and hard work. And a lot of that I owe to LFHK as studying medicine has brought out the strong, independent woman in me ☺️

Mastering Czech along with medicine study is challenging for sure and your work achievements are also amazing, congratulations. How about when you need to take a break then? Some hobbies, free time activities your friends know you for? 😊

With hobbies and free time activities, I would say I absolutely love partying and going out with my friends. I have even kind of made it my side hustle  😂 I work for one of the biggest event organizers in Prague as a promoter. 

But when I’m not working as a doctor or as a professional party-er, then I’m relaxing at home with my dog, watching movies or making some good food or trying to squeeze in a good amount of exercise.