My name is Ali.

I am a 26 year old Doctor currently working at King’s College Hospital, London, UK. I was very good at sciences from a very young age, and I wanted to make active changes in a high yield environment.

I have always heard about Czech Republic and how beautiful it is. I then learned about how prestigious and advanced the medical school is in Hradec Kralove and decided to apply. LFHK has offered me many opportunities to excel and thrive as a medical student then, and as a doctor now. I have travelled to Brazil and Lebanon as part of my clinical and research electives. The faculty has also facilitated my research experience at Mayo Clinic, with the necessary contacts  and scholarship funding. I would advise students to use all the opportunities that LFHK has to offer. Everything counts if you would like to develop yourself and present yourself for future career opportunities.

Hradec Kralove is a very student friendly city. I really like how all the parts of the city are within walking distance of one another. It also has a very good location in the heart of Europe where it is really easy to organise car trips around the continent. In terms of communication, most people you get exposed to in the city have at least basic english. The first 2 years of medical school include Czech language courses in order to help with medical/non-medical settings.

LFHK University Hospital is one of the biggest hospitals I have ever seen. The doctors working there are very modest and eager to teach. They are all very friendly and want you to succeed. All of my pre-clinical and clinical years have been amazing. As part of our medical school program, I felt like we were exposed to more specialties than other medical schools including those in the UK. Hands-on experience starts early with opportunities for additional exposure in any specialty. I even got to practice on a Da-Vinci Robot machine which the hospital is equipped with.

I am currently a Clinical Fellow rotating in gastro-enterology, with previous rotations in acute internal medicine, cystic fibrosis, geriatric medicine, and Trauma & Orthopaedics. I think King’s offers a lot of opportunities for personal/professional growth. The transition was a bit tough the first few weeks as the system in the UK works differently than elsewhere. In addition to the clinical work, I have managed to work on multiple projects in different departments. I would recommend coming as an elective student to maximise your efficiency, streamline your work progress, and gain valuable contacts.


This year I will start my part-time Executive Masters in Healthcare Interventions at LSE. This program will enable me to acquire essential skills in the analysis of the treatment modalities and how to further tailor them to the local market. I was able to receive an unconditional offer with the help of my grades from the well recognised Charles University, together with the recommendations from Mayo Clinic and King’s College Hospital.