• 5 faculties
  • 2 sports
  • Winner will be awarded contest cup. 

Rules and participations:

  1. There are just two disciplines in the contest – running and cycling.
  2. The main aim is to achieve as many kilometers as possible for your faculty by running or cycling.
  3. A participant must be a student or an employee of the given faculty. 
  4. Your sport activity can be implemented anywhere at anytime within contest period.
  5. Your sport activity must be recored by the mobile app STRAVA.com.
  6. A participant can be a member of both running and cycling club of his/her faculty. 
  7. You can join the contest at anytime during the contest period. 
  8. There is only counted a sport activity recorded by the app with GPS.  
  9. To record your running or cycling activity you have to choose the particular option RUN / CYCLING in the app. Other activities will not be counted in the competition.
  10. The contest is held between 15th of June and 31st of August 2020, 24:00. 
  11.  Winners will be awarded contest cups in both categories. 
  12. If there is more particapants from one of the faculties registered than total number of students from the smallest faculties, total amount of kilometers from each faculty will be devided by number of participants of each faculty and then compared.
  13. If there is „suspicious activity“ recognized, the organizer can consider to exclude it from the final result.
  14. As „Suspicious activity“ is considered a record of sport activity, which has unreal character (e.g. amount of km, speed)
  15. We strongly believe in following rules, honesty and fair play bahavior of each participant.
  16. The final results could be used for earning credits and completing PE courses (however, conditions are set by particular PE departments of each faculty according to their needs).

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