May 5, 2021 at 1 PM UTC+02 – 1:45 PM UTC+02

Online – Facebook Live:

We finally bring you some good news and additional info regarding registration with GMC in UK.

Many of you know that with the end of Brexit transition period some serious problems with recognition with Czech medical qualifications arose.

Information on the website is generic and confusing. Getting further information is very complicated and time consuming and at first some applications were just rejected. So, it’s only natural that fresh graduates, graduates to be or even applicants are worried about their chances at medical career in UK.

It pertained to all the medical faculties in Czech Republic and most probably to many across Europe as GMC no longer follows the European directive 2005/36/EC and decides its own way to handle individual cases. That’s why not only us but many others stepped in and long cumbersome negotiations took place….

So, once you receive your Czech degree do you have a chance at getting the full registration with GMC or not?

Yes, you do!

That’s what we will discuss with one of our graduates, MUDr. Shlok Pimprikar, who went through the process and agreed to share his experience with you.

On top of that we will discuss the possibilities we have as your faculty to support you through the process. This part will be covered by the Vice-Dean for study programs in English, prof. Rudolf.

Due to the fact, that we will be dealing with a big time difference with our main guest, we will resort to a short meeting without a live discussion. However, a recording will be available to you afterwards and you can send your questions in beforehand (here). We will pick a few most frequent ones and answer them during the stream.

See you soon!

MUDr. Shlok Pimprikar, graduate 2020

Prof. PharmDr. Emil Rudolf, Ph.D., Vice-Dean for study programs in English

Ing. Pavla Sedlářová, head of PR and moderator