What do you currently do and where?

I am currently a Specialist Trainee in Orthodontics in Torbay Hospital in the South West of England, ‚The Beautiful English Riviera‘, and commence the DDS in Orthodontics (Doctorate in Dental Surgery) programme at Bristol University in January 2021.  I successfully gained this position through the highly competitive National Recruitment pathway. 

How did things go after graduation?

Following graduation from LF HK, I entered general dental practice in here in the UK. After a couple of years general dentistry, I joined a specialist orthodontic practice and never looked back. Although I maintain my general dentistry skills and passed the Membership exams of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh in 2015 (MFDS), my passion is in orthodontics. In order to study Orthodontics in the UK, one must gain entry via a highly competitive National Recruitment process. To strengthen my application, I have worked for the last 3 years in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in several hospitals completing what is called Dental Core training. Working within one of the largest Maxillofacial units in Europe ( Aintree University Hospital) and one of the largest Childrens Hospitals ( Alder Hey Children’s Hospital) have been the highlights of my career to date. I feel my education and training in LF HK has played an enormous role in preparing me for these very challenging posts. I will always be a proud ambassador of LF HK and I can say from personal experience that graduates of LF HK are highly respected and recognised here in the UK within the secondary care hospital service and private practice.  

What first comes to mind when you hear „LF HK“?

I loved my time studying and living in Hradec Kralove. The Old Town has beautiful architecture and is full of history. When I think of LF HK, I have fond nostalgic memories. Firstly of the many parties and nights out with friends, the beautiful surrounding countryside, swimming in Silver Lake, walks in the forest with my dogs, and then of course the challenging studies which made me the mature and dedicated clinician that I am today. Every single Doctor and Teacher at LF HK is passionate about teaching and helping the students to become the best they can be. 

What is your strongest experience associated with studying at the faculty?

My most vivid memories of my time at LF HK, are my Anatomy lectures and practical classes with Dr Prochazkova. She was and is still so passionate about her subject and she really inspired me to search for such satisfaction in my career, which I have found in Orthodontics.

What do you consider your greatest success so far?

My greatest success so far in my career is in gaining a Specialist Training post in Orthodontics. It is highly competitive and very difficult to gain such a post in the UK. Studying abroad at LF HK and the sacrifices I have made over the years have really helped me to become so determined and continue to achieve so much in my career. Being a graduate of LF HK for me is a badge of honour which I attribute to much of my success. 

Hobbies, free time activities?

I enjoyed a lot of sport when I lived in HK. We organised a University football team and played against Olomouc University a number of times. I also joined a mixed martial arts/vale tudo school in HK at Skola, and still train in this sport in the UK to this day. I also enjoyed boxing at a local boxing club situated close to the faculty and continue to train in boxing. I enjoy triathlon and have raced in 3 Ironman triathlons including the European Championships in Germany in 2016.