Can we please start with a brief introduction and insight into what brought you here?

I never actually had it as a first plan to come and study here in the Czech Republic, let alone the small town of Hradec Kralove. But I have a tendency to call this “the best mistake I have ever made”. Let me tell you why.

Initially, my plan was to pursue medicine in the UK. And after having a couple of promising conditional offers from there, I ended up messing my final chemistry exam, and thus missed out on achieving my predicted grades. This led me to come up with a back-up plan…and luckily that back-up plan was Charles University, the oldest and one of the most prestigious universities in Central Europe. If it wasn’t for me messing up my final A-Level exams and missing out on the UK as an option, I would have never ended up here in what I now gladly call home.

This opened my eyes to a whole new culture and a whole new way of thinking. A culture that I would have never explored so deeply otherwise. Believe it or not, I have come to love Czechia and its people almost more than my very own! Some of the politest people I have ever met.

How do you see things after graduation, and what are your plans now?

Studying here at Charles University allowed me a perfect balance of simultaneously pursuing my side passions and projects while also studying. So for now, although having started my residency in Gynecology, I think I will be taking some time off to work on my side projects!

During my 6 years of study, I have managed to develop my love for filmmaking and travel, so much that I have managed to build a community and YouTube channel that motivates youth to go out and explore. Having travelled and seen quite a lot, I felt it was my duty to give back to the travel community and shed light on my very own nation for the world to see, which pushed me to start what is now Egypt’s largest tourism enhancing campaign! Our team has also just finished working on getting us affiliated with the Ministry of Tourism. So perhaps your next visit to Egypt will be guided by us!

Right after graduation, although yearning for a gap semester, I thought it would be best to dive right into the work environment while the information was still fresh. That’s when I started my residency in Obstetrics & Gynecology. University prepared me more than ever when it came to both theoretical and practical skills. It felt so natural assisting in surgeries and examining patients, in Czech. After three months of work and getting to know the medical world and knowing what to expect from it, I decided I needed a few months off to finally focus on my side projects and give them the foundation they needed to transform them into businesses. Here I am, working on my side projects, while planning out my future endeavours for my medical career. I feel like taking it easy and taking a step back was something I never knew I needed so much.

What first comes to mind when you hear „LFHK“?

My amazing life in the student dormitory of “Kolej Na Kotli” where I got to meet all kinds of people, both international and locals who continue to be some of the closest people I have ever met to date. Basically, I have managed to live the “exchange-student life” throughout my whole time here. I also remember all the hardships and sleepless nights that have shaped me into the strong, confident and independent person that I am today. If there is one thing I recommend to incoming students, or the students who have a few more years to go..MOVE TO DORMS! You get to live the real student life that you see in films!

What is your strongest experience associated with studying at the faculty? (Good or bad, something you remember distinctly)

Passing my histology final in first year, on the last possible date in September 2015, where I had to go through stress that I didn’t even know was possible to go through. Looking back at it, it is one of the most gruesome and traumatic experiences I have had to go through, but it is also the experience that forced me to become stress-resistant for the whole duration of my 6 years at university and perhaps even for life. It was also a testimony that this university by no means tolerates laziness and a passive mindset, but instead prepares you to always have a proactive attitude. I can’t say I learnt that lesson early on, but I definitely did towards the end.

What do you consider your greatest success so far?

Managing to live the student life I had always imagined when I was in high school and meeting so many people from all over the world who came here to do their Erasmus in English. I would also say the ability to manage two great businesses along with my studies and medical endeavours.

Hobbies, free time activities? 

I love to travel, literally love it. It has broadened my mind in a way I didn’t even know was possible. I have a dream of visiting every nation on this planet. I must also express my affection for languages and people. Learning languages has helped me understand and communicate with so many cultures, many of which have left huge marks on me.

As I mentioned before, filmmaking and photography are great passions I have, and I hope through them, I can grow my YouTube influence to reach the whole Arab world and perhaps even beyond. I hope through filmmaking I can showcase my journey to every country on the planet.

In the times when I am not able to travel or explore new places and cultures for myself, I love to read, as it is a window to the world. It also gives me so much social intelligence that now I can literally have any kind of discussion with anyone.

I grew up with sports as an integral part of my childhood. During my studies I was still able to practice Squash on a professional player with an international coach at the Squash Centrum of Hradec Kralove. It is a sport I have been playing now for over 15 years.

I am a proud Egyptian and proud Muslim, and I feel that during my time here, although I didn’t always have the time for it, I was able to feel at home largely because of the huge community of Arabs and Muslims. And since spirituality for me is a life pillar that must always be in balance with my other aspirations, I have managed to keep it as an integral part of life, and when I didn’t the community here was able to hold me accountable.

I will leave you with this caption I wrote on the day I graduated:

“At 23 years, I don’t feel like I have fully matured yet. But, if I were to write an autobiography, one title that comes to mind is: “Do What You Can’t.” That idea encapsulates everything I have ever done. – Casey

You can’t travel the world…BUT, you can buy a backpack, give a crazy friend a call, and hitch-hike your way to your 67th country. 🌍

You can’t get free time while studying medicine…BUT you sure as hell can book the earliest exam dates and cram a 6-year course into a cumulative 3.5 years of study, the rest of which became travel time. ✈️

You can’t be a filmmaker AND a medical student…BUT you have a camera and so, you can. Next thing you know, your videos are airing on national television. 🎬

You can’t have a life while studying medicine…BUT you can move in and live the Erasmus life 3 years in a row, and make a family you never had. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

You can’t start companies at 17…BUT you get your smartphone, download Instagram, and before you know it you are running Egypt’s largest tourism enhancing campaign – @myegypt. 🇪🇬 This new generation of young Egyptians…What we all do nowadays, is we Do What We Can’t.

You can’t stay fit while studying medicine…BUT you sure as hell can meet a Pakistani coach in the Czech Republic, who still motivates you to play Squash professionally. 🏆

You also can’t learn new languages, it’s too late…BUT you have Google, and before you know it, and with the right mindset, you’ll be learning your 8th language. 📚

When you are a creator, all you need is your phone, an internet connection, an idea, and a determination to succeed. Sure, you will find some failure on your way, but be stubborn and continue, because it is also that which will take you to success.

So to my fellow creators I say: Keep creating, Keep doing the work. And never forget, you don’t have to listen to anyone. Because in this new world, no one knows anything.

“The haters, The doubters, are all drinking champagne on the top deck of the Titanic and we are the fucking iceberg.”

Do What You Can’t.

To everyone who’s ever told anyone with a dream they can’t.

This is for you.