Hradec Králové, March 15, 2021

Dear graduates of our Faculty of Medicine!

I dare address you all because I was your teacher, and I was at your admission to medical studies or to your graduation. I have not seen my first international students for 25 years. I do not have such a memory for faces and names to remember you like Assoc. Prof. Stoklasová but as part of my age-related nostalgia, I am thinking about you frequently, I look back at a lot of things that concern you, and I also think about your current situation.

I presume we all here at the Faculty very much hope that you do not regret studying at H.K. and that you are successful in your medical career. It would be nice to learn something about it from you.

Many things changed and happened from the time of your graduation and as you possibly remember me, I am still more sceptical about the rationality of humans throughout the world. Being a doctor is getting harder, not just because of Covid. But we have warned you, haven’t we? We have also told you that we give you our diploma because we trust you. And that you will be our “ambassadors”, anywhere you come. We are sure you are doing it well!

Dear colleagues, we are interested in closer contact with you, to which also these web pages might help. Hopefully, you will find a way to them. And come to visit us any time when it will be possible for you.

With cordial greetings and wishes of good luck from your Alma Mater in H.K.

Miroslav Kuba