Date: Tuesday, June 15, 2021, 18:00 – 19:30

Place: the Garden of Medicinal Plants of the Faculty of Pharmacy of Charles University in Hradec Kralove (map) (facilities in the form of changing rooms and toilets)

Dear graduates, dear employees, dear staff,

come and join us for the Alumni Run, that we have prepared for both the graduates of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove. After a long time we can finally meet in person – outside the virtual space. So we decided to combine the pleasant with the useful – to play sports in the fresh air, chat, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and switch off from everyday worries for a while. The event will take place at the same time as the Alumni Run, CU in Prague.

The event is free of charge for Alumni members and employees of FM and FP HK. If you want to participate in the event, please register by email:


1.         warm-up, running alphabet (approx. 600m)

2.         Main track 2.5 km jogging – slow pace (the main track will include a small race for the LF HK Alumni tin cup 🙂 )

3.         Trot (approx. 600m) 

After returning, a chance to visit the botanical garden.

The program will be provided in cooperation with the Department of Physical Education – Michal Němeček, MSc. ( will be the main lecturer.